In August of 2010, three Muskogee attorneys joined forces and founded the full service law firm of Brennan, Smith & Cherbini, PLLC.  The founding attorneys – Juliet Brennan, Rusty Smith, and Martha Cherbini – maintain deep, long-term ties to Muskogee and the surrounding area and, more importantly, strive to cultivate those ties.  They are all active members of the community and have a vested interest in providing the most effective and professional representation to their clients and neighbors.

The firm’s office is located at 417 West Broadway in downtown Muskogee, Oklahoma, and is housed in the historic Payton Building.  The lawyers at Brennan, Smith & Cherbini proudly offer over 50 years of combined experience.  Their diverse backgrounds ensure that the firm has the necessary expertise, vision, determination and resources to solve the most challenging business and litigation needs of its clients, from the successful companies it regularly represents to the individual in need of specialized legal attention.

The firm is also associated with the well-known Oklahoma City law firm of Griffin Reynolds & Associates.  The two firms cohesively work together as a team in representing accident victims throughout the State of Oklahoma.  This allows us to have a "true" statewide presence.

In addition to the legal expertise and diverse backgrounds of our attorneys and staff, Brennan, Smith & Cherbini believes that the success of its clients also depends largely on the ethical and professional manner in which it conducts business.

Brennan, Smith & Cherbini can be only be described as this:

It is a full service law firm offering its clients ethical, comprehensive, effective and skilled legal services throughout Muskogee County and across the State of Oklahoma.

The firm’s primary goal?  Ensuring the success of its clients.